Sacred Circle Sharing

Sacred Space Circle Sharing offers a transformative journey into the heart of sisterhood and spiritual connection. At the center of our circle lies a profound reverence for the sacredness and magic of our gathering. Here, we hold space for one another with deep focus, sending love, compassion, and positive energy to each sister present. In our circle, everyone is equal, and we embrace our roles as co-creators, sitting eye to eye and honoring each voice as valuable and essential.

As we gather, we learn to listen to our intuition and speak from the heart, allowing our deepest truths to emerge. We practice the art of withholds, recognizing and sharing any feelings or thoughts that may be weighing on our souls. Through this process, we take full responsibility for our emotions, creating a safe and supportive environment where every sister’s voice is heard and honored. In Sacred Space Circle Sharing, we honor each woman as her own queen, goddess, and sovereign being, empowering her to express her needs, desires, and truths without hesitation.


  • How to have a safe container
  • Follow intuition
  • Masculine and feminine balance
  • Healing a mother and/or father wound